Sunday, January 20, 2013

1977 ALCS Program and Keds Shoes

You are looking at a program from the 1977 ALCS which featured the Royals and Yankees.  As you can tell this was sold in Kansas City and displays a wonderful montage of Royals on the cover. I picked this up at a local card shop for only two bucks.  It was the cover that drew me in.  I'm not a Royals fan by any means but the artwork was too cool to pass up. 

Inside it's a typical program with stuff like rosters, a score sheet, and player pics and profiles such as the one here on George Brett.  

Check out this ad for Keds shoes.  What Kansas City fan wouldn't want their own Royals sneakers?
1977 was the second year in a string of three which saw the Royals lose to the Yankees in the ALCS.  The Royals finally made it to the World Series in 1980 only to lose to the Phillies.  They exited from the AL playoffs in both '81 and '84 before finally putting it all together for a championship in 1985.


  1. The artwork on the program looks a bit like a D.Perez Diamond King piece.Very cool!

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