Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tommy Lasorda's 1954 Topps Rookie Card

Here is a look at longtime Dodger manager Tommy Lasorda's one and only Topps card as a player.
While researching Lasorda for my 1983 Topps blog post I ran across this card.  I didn't know much about Lasorda's playing career and was intrigued.  However this card itself it quite remarkable.  Topps still called him Tom even when he was a manager and everyone knew him as Tommy.  Here we see the formal Thomas Lasorda on the facsimile autograph with a nice color portrait and a small black and white "action "shot.  It seems strange to have his glove extend into the white border.   

The reverse talks about some impressive minor league feats but they didn't translate into major league success for Lasorda.  His big league career consisted of four games with the Dodgers in '54 and '55 and 18 games for the Kansas City A's in '56.  In 58.1 career innings he walked 56 , had an 0-4 record with a 6.48 ERA.  But get a look at the cartoons at the bottom on the card.
Nothing like being called a "little guy" on the back of your baseball card.  Topps lists him here at 5'10" but he's listed on his manager cards at 5'9".
The batter he hit in Cuba was bigger than Lasorda for sure but if he charged a pitcher these days he'd be smaller than most hurlers.
And finally the third cartoon which is my favorite and speaks for itself.

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